Proposal Development

Getting you ready to win business
Writing compelling proposal responses
Winning and retaining new business
Successfully implementing your promises

Provider Network Services

Helping you build a compliant network
Contracting your provider network
Getting your team of providers credentialed
Managing your network

Compliance and Quality Services

Auditing your specialty network for billing compliance and quality services
Data extrapolation for CMS required rebilling
Clinical business audits and program development

Welcome to Crestline Advisors

Business Consulting Strategies & Healthcare Solutions

Opportunity Management

Crestline Advisors qualifies bid opportunities, develops win strategies, drives innovative proposal writing, validates responses, and implements your win!

Network Adequacy

We assist you to build and contract with a network that meets adequacy standards, ensuring access to primary, specialty, and covered health care services

Mitigating Business Risks

Crestline Advisors conducts investigations and audits to identify risks, draft a plan for improve compliance practices to address the risks, and monitor so that the program follows best practices.

Some Successes Since 2015

Our clients won Medicaid and specialty health managed care bids in 20 states – with an overall win rate of ~80% and a specialty health win rate of ~90%, when we provide a significant portion of the writing. We contracted and credentialed networks in 14 states. Crestline Advisors assisted clients to recoup millions of dollars in payments for identified fraud, waste, and abuse.


Crestline Advisors Consultants Have Done it ALL 

Our team of 100+ independent consultants from all over the United States include former state agency executives, national health plan executives, public health leaders, licensed medical professionals and clinicians, researchers, and other idea makers and thought leaders.

Together they offer a combined total of over 500 years of experience in the healthcare management and operations space.

Our team provides Crestline with a full breadth of subject matter expertise.

We assign consulting services resources who understand your business needs and who act decisively and effectively to drive your business to success.


Services Offered By Crestline Advisors


  • Readiness and competitive intelligence
  • Response development
  • Data Presentation
  • Implementation

Provider Network

  • Network analysis
  • Network development and contracting for conventional and specialty networks
  • Credentialing support and tracking
  • Provider management and training


  • Board training
  • Fraud, waste and abuse audits for medical, behavioral health, and specialty services, including long term services and supports
  • Quality audits for medical, BH, and LTSS
  • Statistical analysis

Business Development

  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational capacity reviews
  • Organizational redesign
  • Development and implementation of new programs and lines of business